Three Phase LAN Smart Energy Meter

  • Remote control
  • Wall-mounted 
  • LCD display
  • Brief Introduction
  • Technical Data
  • Main Functions
  • Wiring & Dimension
  • DTZ1737 Series Three phase Ethernet energy meter is a product researched, developed and produced by ourselves independently. This meter adopts advanced integrated circuit & SMT manufacturing process, with the advantage of high reliability, stable performance, long life, small volume, light weight, low power consumption and simple operation... The product can be widely used in areas of electricity measurement and automatic management of electricity use.

  • Accuracy Active 0.5S/1
    Reactive 1/2
    Voltage Rated 3*220/380
    Range 0.3Un~1.1Un
    Limit 0.0Un~1.15Un
    Frequency 50Hz
    Current  Range 3×1.5(6),3×5(60),3×10(100)
    Starting Current 0.4%Ib
    Constant Active 400imp/kWh-6400imp/kWh
    Display Type LCD Register
    Digit 6+1/6+2 4+2/5+1
    Power Consumption Voltage Circuit ≤1.5W、6VA
    Current Circuit ≤0.2VA
    Communication Interface RS485/ Infrared interface/PLC
    Protocol DL/T 645-2007MODBUS
    Temperature Operating Temperature 10℃~+45℃
    Storage Temperature -25℃~+70℃
    Humidity 40%RH ~ 60%RH
    Protection IP55
    Dimension 160×112×72.6mm
    Weight 0.6kg

  • 1.Energy Measurement
    Real-time measurement of the phase voltage current total active power
    reactive power apparent power total power factor power grid frequency

    2.Event Recording
    Recording the following accidents accurately: Power-down Programming Cover opening Terminal cover opening Reverse power Phase Fail. The records include data and time

    3.LCD display
    Number of digits value field Up to 8
    Digit size 6x14.5mm

    4.Alarm Function
    Tamper-proofing and anti-theft. Alarming for under voltage overvoltage overvoltage interrupt events etc.

    With 4 tariff rule(Sharp Peak Flat Valley) set the electricity bill by separated period of time
    Ethernet port: Using network cable as the collection between meter and collector.
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