Din Rail Three Phase Smart Energy Meter

  • Remote control
  • Din-rail  
  • LCD display
  • Brief Introduction
  • Technical Data
  • Main Functions
  • Wiring & Dimension
  • DTZ1737 is a din rail 3 phase 4 wire smart energy meter with 1~4 channel, designed with advanced energy metering chip and SMT technology. With RS485 port, the meter can communicate with the computer to exchange the data. This 3 phase 4 wire smart energy meter can be widely applied in industrial and commercial filed.

  • Accuracy Active 1
    Reactive 2
    Voltage Rated 3*220/380
    Range 0.9Un~1.1Un
    Limit 0.0Un~1.15Un
    Frequency 50Hz
    Current  Range 3×1.5(6),3×5(60),3×10(100)
    Starting Current 0.001In(0.5S)
    Constant Active 400imp/kWh-6400imp/kWh
    Display Type LCD Register
    Digit 6+1/6+2 4+2/5+1
    Power Consumption Voltage Circuit ≤1.5W、6VA
    Current Circuit ≤0.2VA
    Communication Interface RS485/ Infrared interface/PLC
    Protocol DL/T 645-2007MODBUS
    Temperature Operating Temperature 10℃~+45℃
    Storage Temperature -25℃~+70℃
    Humidity 40%RH ~ 60%RH
    Protection IP51
    Dimension 158mm×58mm×87mm
    Weight 0.25kg

  • 1.Each channel energy meter measures active power of forward/ backward and combined. 

    2.Each channel energy meter can measure the current voltage frequency active/reactive power.

    3.Alarming for under voltage over voltage phase disconnection over current and other events.

    4.Timing freezing hourly freezing daily freezing.

    5.LCD digital display with a variety of parameters of each channel energy meter in turn.

    6.Din-rail installation with standard 35mm.
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