Single phase smart prepaid energy meter

  • With IC card
  • Wall-mounted 
  • LCD display
  • Brief Introduction
  • Technical Data
  • Main Functions
  • Wiring & Dimension
  • Electronic single phase prepaid meter adopts microelectronic technique to measure electric energy with all-shield omniseal structure.
    The meter uses advanced microcontroller process system to collect,processing and store data. It bears features of good anti-electromagnetic interference, low energy consumption, high accuracy without adjusting, electric larceny-proof, high overload, long service life.
  • Accuracy Active 1
    Reactive 2
    Voltage Rated 110V/220V
    Range 0.9Un~1.1Un
    Limit 0.8Un~1.15Un
    Frequency 50Hz
    Current  Range 1.5(6)A,5(30)A, 5(40)A,10(100)A,20(80)A
    Starting Current 0.4%Ib
    Constant Active 1200imp/kWh
    Display Type LCD Register
    Digit 6+1/6+2 4+2/5+1
    Power Consumption Voltage Circuit ≤1.5W、6VA
    Current Circuit <1VA
    Communication Interface RS485/ Infrared interface
    Protocol DL/T 645-2007MODBUS
    Temperature Operating Temperature -20℃~+60℃
    Storage Temperature -40℃~+70℃
    Humidity 55%+/-5
    Protection IP55
    Dimension 160*112*71mm
    Weight 0.8kg

  • 1.1 active energy measurement of forward direction and opposite direction setting combined active energy

    1.2 clock function clock accuracy ≤±0.5s/d(temp 23℃)lithium battery for clock

    1.3 time of use(TOU) 4 tariffs 14 time divisions 30 holidays

    1.4 Step price

    1.5 data storage

    1.6 data freezing function

    1.7 multi communication interface

    1.8 Event logging

    1.9 able to limit maximum service power within rated current range(limit by power supply companies)

    1.10 One card is matched for one meter if the card is lost the electricity in it won’t lose. After the card is reissued the electricity still can be used

    1.11The card can transmit data bidirectionally

    1.12The meter can cut off power automatically and warn the user to buy electricity

    1.13When electricity quantity is zero power will be switched off automatically

    1.14Software design of electric larceny-proof
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