NB-IoT Single Phase Smart Energy Meter

Model No.: DDZY1737C
Wall Mounted Installation
LCD Display
NB-IoT module 
  • Brief Introduction
  • Technical Data
  • Main Functions
  • Wiring & Dimension
  • The meter uses large scale digital signal processing chip, permanent data storage unit, totally isolated RS485 communication interface, infrared communication and information security encryption module. The meter adopts advanced SMT technology, high-strength & fireproof shell. NB-IoT module enables it to communicate with upper devices.

  •  Accuracy  Active  1
     Reactive  2
     Voltage  Rated  110V/220V
     Range  0.7Un~1.2Un
     Limit  /
     Frequency  50Hz/60Hz
     Current   Range  1.5(6)A,5(30)A, 5(40)A,10(100)A,20(80)A
     Starting Current  0.4%Ib
     Constant  Active  1200imp/kWh
     Display  Type  LCD  Register
     Digit  6+1/6+2  4+2/5+1
     Power Consumption  Voltage Circuit  ≤1.5W、6VA
     Current Circuit <0.2VA
     Communication  Interface  RS485/ Infrared/ PLC
     Protocol  DL/T 645-2007MODBUS
     Temperature  Operating Temperature  -25℃~+60℃
     Storage Temperature  -40℃~+70℃
     Humidity  25%RH~95%RH
     Protection  IP54
     Dimension  160*112*71mm
     Weight  0.8kg

  • 1 Active energy measurement of forward direction and opposite direction setting combined active energy

    2 Clock function clock accuracy ≤±0.5s/d(temp 23℃) lithium battery for clock 

    3 Time of use(TOU) 4 tariffs 14 time divisions 30 holidays

    4 Remote tariff control

    5 Step price

    6 Data storage

    7 Data freezing function

    8 NB-IoT communication (optional RS485/ infrared communication)

    9 Event logging

    10 Power protection function (when this function is open meter won’t respond switch out command)
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