Prepaid Management System


Step 1: Add New User. The aim of the step is to add new use's information to system. The information include user number/user name/meter number/user address/TLE... Then click confirm to add new user to system. For example, user number is xxxxx, user name is zeeshan, meter number is 12345, user address is shanghai China, TLE is 123456789, when the edit is finished, then click confirm to finish the step.
Step 2: Activate Card. The aim of the step is to activate card and bind user information with the card. It just need insert card into card reader, then click 'Confirm' to finish activate.
Step 3: Purchase Electricity. The aim of the step is to recharge for IC card. Inserting the IC card into card reader, input recharge amount after user paid money., then click 'Confirm' to finish payment. For example, Mr. Zeeshan want to recharge $50 into IC card, then it just need to input $50 into system after he paid money, then click 'confirm' to finish payment.
Step 4: Recharging for meter. When the payment is finished, you just need to back to home, hold the card stand by the electric meter, insert the IC card to electric meter, take out the card after the screen display "Recharge Successfully"
Step 5: Review consumption history.  The aim of the step is to inquire the recharge record. You just need input some inquire condition, such as user number, operator, recharging time or some key words, to inquire user's consumption history. For example, Mr. Zeeshan want to inquire his consumption history, then you just need to input his inquire condition, such as his user's number:1234567, then click inquire, then you can scan all his consumption history. What's more, you can export Excel form from the system as customer required. 
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