1. Can you put our logo on energy meter? if yes what would be the additional cost? 
Yes,we can achieve it by silkscreen ,laser etching ,full color etc. Need your logo Format. OEM with your logo has additional charge. And MOQ for OME is 500pcs.

2. How do smart meters guard against theft?
A convergence of precision converters and chip-scale transformers is driving better electricity meter design and stronger protection from a common form of theft: tampering with a smart meter by using an external magnet so the meter undercounts or stops working altogether.

3. How to connect the electric meter with management software?
It is decided by installation environment, such as the distance between meter and software, It also can be choose by customer, such as RS485/GPRS/PLC/RF/Ethernet or any other can be mentioned.

4. What is the difference between smart meter and traditional meter?
The old-style analog meters mechanically measured and reported energy, which was recorded by an OUC meter reader who physically visited each customer on a regular basis. The new meters will provide daily data — delivered electronically without the need for an on-site visit — that can help the utility better serve customers and customers better manage their electric consumption.

5. What is smartgrid?
Upgraded energy network to which two-way digital communication between the supplier and consumer, smart metering and monitoring and control systems have been added.

6. What is smart metering system?
Electronic system that can measure energy consumption, adding more information than a conventional meter, and can transmit and receive data using a form of electronic communication.


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