Energy Monitoring System

Energy Consumption Collecting:
Realize remote meter reading of water, electricity, gas, heating… by data collector with NB-IoT/LoRa/TD_LTE/FDD_LTE communication

Management Function: 
1, regionalized energy consumption management according to region features, for example, school has dormitory, library, classroom, laboratory, canteen…
2, energy consumption management according to classification of equipment, like lighting, refrigeration(AC & fan), equipment socket(computer, instrument, projector, water boiler), lift, kitchen appliances

Smart Control: 
Detect human by smart controller and sensor, achieving that lights off after person leaves, water off after person leaves(no one turn off the tap) in the monitoring area. Make temperature adjusting and on-off strategy of AC by AC energy saver and temperature sensor, for instance turning off the AC or fan automatically after person leaves the area for 5 minutes. Smart cut off of projector in classroom during break. Monitor environment through sensor of smoke, water leaching, humidity, temperature, if abnormity is detected, alarm is sent automatically.

Charging Function:
Bearing measure and charge function of each kind of energy, realizing function of auto energy use allocation, fee payment, fee return, energy use query, arrearage management…. For example, electric charging management of student dormitory(AC, fan, washing machine, computer, water boiling

Energy Consumption Statistics
Many other analysis, reports, intelligent controls and managements are available on the system

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