Din Rail Data Collector

Model No.: WEC-44321 

  • GPRS/3G/4G/Ethernet/NB/GSM/Fiber Optional
  • Downlink communication: RS485/PLC/RF433
  • Collecting data of 1300 pcs smart meters
  • Din Rail Installation
  • Brief Introduction
  • Technical Data
  • Main Functions
  • Wiring & Dimension
  • WEC Din rail data collector is a product researched, developed and produced by ourselves independently, which can collect data of 1300 electric meters. Works with GPRS/3G/4G/Ethernet/NB to realize data transmission and sends data to server. With the advantages of high reliability, stable performance, long life, small volume, light weight, low power consumption and simple operation... The product can be widely used in areas of electricity measurement and automatic management of electricity use.

  • Voltage Rated AC 220V、DC48V
    Frequency 50Hz ± 5%
    Power Consumption The apparent power in non - communication state <5VA
    Active power <2W
    Communication Interface Downstream: RS485/PLC/RF433
    Upstream: GPRS/3G/4G/Ethernet/NB/GSM
    Protocol DL/T 645-1997、DL/T 645-2007MODBUS
    Temperature Operating Temperature -30℃~+70℃
    Humidity <80%
    Day timing error ≤±1s/d
    Dimensions 106.5mm×87.5mm×59mm
    Weight 0.25kg
    Installation Din Rail

  • Reading data of smart meter with DL645-97 DL/T645-07 Modbus protocol;
    Communication with master station: GPRS/3G/4G/Ethernet/NB/GSM/Fiber Optional;
    Downlink communication: RS485/PLC/RF433; Collecting data of 1300 pcs smart meters at most;
    Collecting data of 1300 pcs smart meters at most;
    Freezing data at 00:00 of each day freezing data of 62 days;
    Terminal power supply supports AC and DC ;
    Clock bears function of calendar timekeeping automatic conversion in leap year;
    Calibration can be done by relevant debugging tool or command from platform;
    Monitoring all kinds of abnormal operation;

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