Founded in 2012, HOP Technology R&D Center has been committed to the research and development of smart energy meter, data collector and energy monitoring system software. Different from traditional energy meter industry, HOP R&D team has maturely applied communication technology into the metering solution. As a smart metering R&D base with self-development and innovation, HOP R&D center has offered various technical solutions to solve energy metering and managing problems.
30+ experts in energy metering and energy management keep HOP metering technology ranked top ten in China. 10% of annual revenue is invested in R&D and technical innovation, and 16 product patents have been awarded to HOP. Also we sent engineers overseas every year for technical exchanging and customer service.
Since the beginning, Hop R&D has been devoted to offering smart metering solution for major electricity consumers such as telecommunication operators and China Tower. As a result of considerable and persistent investment in the R&D of core technology in relation to the telecommunication operator, HOP has established a domain position in the field of telecommunication operator’s energy metering and management products.
With increasingly demand of energy management, HOP R&D is always diligent to focus on customers’ application and offering customized solution to satisfy customers. 
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